Inflatable Policies


Rental period:  Rental periods are 1-4 hours  and 8 hours not to go past 8:30PM.  Deliveries for bounce Houses are between 10 am and 12 pm.  All bounce house rentals after 2:00 pm will be charged for a full day unless other arrangements are made. The inflatables are rented the following day so time is needed to clean and prepare them for that. Please note: While we do appreciate your business, there are companies that will leave the inflatable later and even overnight, if that is what you need. We will deliver at the inflatable at least 1/2 hr before your event and will pickup as close to the pickup time as possible. When you see our truck pull up please have everyone exit the ride so we may proceed to take the ride down in a timely manner, other items rented with the inflatable can remain until the next day. 


Rain Policy:  If the local forcast is calling for rain on the day of your reservation, we will contact you via phone to discuss your options. Because inflatables use electricity for the blower, and the vinyl gets slippery when wet we will err on the side of saftey. We will not deliver if it is raining,muddy and wet. The extra time it takes to cleanup and dry out the inflatable is considerable. If it is raining or there is a better then 70% chance of rain in your area, during your rental period according to we will cancel the reservation. If you have concerns about the weather and wish to canel please call Russ Rents at 609-602-8895. The decision to cancel a reservation is not taken lightly and will be the last resort.


Saftey Policy:  Saftey is our #1 concern. Russ Rents... Is a family owned business so if we wouldn't put our Granddaughters in the inflatables because of weather conditions or other factors we will not put your children in it. Please keep in mind that Russ Rents... reserves the right to cancel any rservation that jepordizes saftey in any way.


Wind Policy:  This is a set in stone policy- If winds are blowing grater then 15MPH the inflatable will be cancelled. You only need to lookup inflatables blowing away on youtube to understand that this policy is firm. I will use the data for your area using to make this decision so you have an idea of what is happening for the day.